As a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, Portio’s motivation was to help her parents and family back home in the Philippines as both her parents immigrated to the US in order to dream of a better life for their children. Planning to fulfill her parents' dreams,  16 year old Liv opened her own business. Starting with only $40, Liv utilized her expertise on social media to promote her jewelry brand for free. After 4 years, Portio has become a social media sensation with 10.5 Billion Total Views on Social Media and 2.4 Million Followers without using any paid advertising. At 20 years old, Portio was featured as the youngest member in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for the Retail & E-commerce Category. At 21 years old, Liv finished her studies and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business Management. Today, Liv is verified across all social media platforms, and aims to help small business owners in any way she can.

Now, Liv is focused on helping small business owners just like her who started from nothing and can utilize the power of social media to grow their business. She founded Livuxy to provide an affordable and credible place for small business owners to access marketing knowledge and provide a place where they feel connected to other small business owners. In the past year, Liv has helped 2 small business owners go from $30,000 in 2020, to $1 million in sales in 2021 by using her social media tactics. Click Here to Learn more about Small business Owners who she has helped!

"Starting and running a small business on your own gets lonely, confusing, and difficult at times. Also, not everyone is fortunate enough to start a business with a $100,000 loan. I wanted to create a safe and affordable community where small business owners can help one another,  never feel like any question is a silly question, and can feel that they are not alone! We are in this together and I am here to help you get to the top. As long as you have a phone, internet, and a social media account in 2021, you can be a millionaire without even leaving your house."- Liv Portio


Liv Portio has been featured on magazines such as Forbes, Inc, and The Tab, as well as mentioned in other media outlets such as Shopify, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, and Yahoo News.

According to Journalist Lauren Debter from Forbes, "The youngest listmaker on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List is 21-year-old Liv Portio, founder of DBL Jewelry, who started making necklaces on her bedroom floor at 16 and now has two million followers on TikTok." Click here to access article.

In an article by journalist Gabrielle Bienasz, Inc Magazine mentioned Portio on their "How to Get Your Business Started on TikTok." Bienasz mentions how "Liv Portio, a 19-year-old entrepreneur and TikToker of DBL Jewelry, found her strategy in making videos about the day-to-day work of being a small-business owner. The important point is to keep experimenting." Click here to access the article.

Daily Mail and Yahoo News featured portio on multiple articles when her Video reached 42 million Views regarding a custom necklace she created for a customer.