Can I join even though I haven't started a business yet?

Of course, we have members that haven't started a business yet and want to learn how to market on social media. This will prepare them to have great startup success!

Can I join if I don't live in the United States?

Yes! We have students from all over the world! We already have students from London, Germany, Peru, United Kingdom, India, and many more!

When does the class finish?

All members can cancel at anytime but we recommend 1 year being a part of the Livuxy community so members can optimize their performance and prevent making mistakes after their experience at Livuxy!

Do you have a free trial?

You can join our live class membership plan for $20. If you do not like our live classes, you can cancel the subscription anytime!

Can I upgrade to the $60 Full Marketing Course even though I enrolled in just the $20 live classes?

Yes, we recommend cancelling your live class membership once you attended the live class for the month you subscribed for and then enroll in the full marketing course the next day. 

What are the payment options?

The payment options are visa card, credit card, and prepaid card.

Which Plan should I join?

We recommend choosing a plan that fits you and your needs! We also advise NOT to enroll in both plans ! You will be able to find the descriptions of each plan in the site. Thank you :)